Gift Certificates

DarkMaskedCats - Gift Certificate 2

Gift Certificates are now Available!

Whenever you don’t have good photos of the receivers pet or you didn’t ordered in time for the portrait to arrive for a birthday, anniversary or holiday, this super awesome gift certificate has your back covered!

Get yours in 48HR or less!
Read more info and order yours here:

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Contact me if you want a gift certificate for Home Portraits or Custom People Portraits! I’ll create one special for you!

If you received a Gift Certificate:

1.Please Choose the Portrait Style

Please choose the portrait style that you like or the one that fits your pet’s personality from here: Custom Pet Portraits. (your portrait will be made as indicated in the portrait’s details so please read all the instructions).

2.To Redeem

To redeem email darkmaskedcats [!at] with “your name 8×10 gift” in the subject line and the photo/s you want to be used in your portrait.

Please read all the details on the page of the portrait that you have chosen if you wish to get more information. If you have questions that are not covered in the details, please do ask! I’m happy to help!